10 tình huống Tiếng Anh chuyên ngành điều dưỡng

Giới thiệu 10 tình huống Tiếng Anh chuyên ngành điều dưỡng

* Case1: Making an appointment

Patient: Good morning. Can I make an appointment to see Dr. Taylor, please? 

Nurse: Yes. May I know what your problem is? 

Patient: Oh, I’ve been suffering from headache when waking up every morning. 

Nurse: Ok. Can you see him at 9 on Friday morning? 

Patient: That’d be great. Thanks. 

* Case 2: Seeing a doctor

Doctor: Hello there. What seems to be the problem today?

Patient: Hello, doctor. My throat has been sore for two days. 

Doctor: I see. Do you have a fever as well? 

Patient: I think so, but I haven’t actually taken my temperature. 

Doctor: Have you been able to eat well? 

Patient: Are you having any stomach problems? 

Doctor: No, my stomach feels fine now, but I had a stomachache yesterday. 

Patient: Right. Let me take a look at your throat. 

* Case 3: Visiting a patient

Guest: Hello, I am here to visit my sister. 

Nurse: What is your sister’s name? 

Guest: Her name is Annette Simmons. She is going to have a baby. 

Nurse: Oh, congratulations! Yes, I see here Mrs. Simmons is in the maternity ward. 

Guest:  Could you please show me where she is? 

Nurse: Yes, she is in the east wing. Take this elevator to the 3rd floor and walk down the hall then make a right turn. She is in room 304. 

* Case 4: Asking for help

Nurse: Hello, how can I help you? 

Dũng: I’ve just seen an accident. There are 2 people who need help immediately. Can you send an ambulance to ABC street right now? 

Nurse: Sure. Please wait about 10 minutes. 

Dũng: Thank you very much! 

* Case 5: Nursing assessment

Adviser: Good morning, Health-Connect, may I help you?

Anna: Yes, hello. I need a doctor for my little boy, please. He's got this rash and I'm really worried about him.

Adviser: I understand your concern. I just need to take his details, and our practice nurse will call you back soon.

Anna: OK, sure.  

Adviser: Can you give me your son's full name?

Anna: Yes, his name is James Herriot.

Adviser: Can you spell the family name for me, please?

Anna: H-E-R-R-I-OT.

Adviser: Is the last letter P as in Peter?

Anna: No, T as in Thomas.

Adviser: And your name, please?

Anna: Anna Herriot.

Adviser: What is your relationship to the patient?

Anna: I'm his mum.

Adviser: OK, thanks. And can you give me your phone number, please?

Anna: 775-932-8053.

Adviser: Thank you, Mrs. Herriot. One of our practice nurses will call you back in the next 30 minutes.

* Case 6: Meeting colleagues

[T = Tyler; K = Karen]

T: Hi, Karen, it's Tyler Baker.

K: Oh, hello, how are you?

T:  I am Good, thanks, Karen. Listen, can you give me my schedule for this week, please?

K: Sure. Is the afternoon shift OK for you?

T: I have exams in the mornings, so the afternoon shifts are perfect, yeah.

K: OK, so you start on Tuesday at 16.45 and finish at 23.00. On Wednesday, you start at 15.30 and finish at 22.15; and it's the same on Thursday.

T: That's good for me.

K: Are you free on Friday, Tyler? I need a staff nurse for St Peter's Care Home in HiIlsworth.

T: No, I'm not free on Friday. But Saturday maybe ok. I can work on Saturday.

K: OK. Can you do a morning shift at the Amazon Hospital? T: No problem. What time is the shift? K: 6 a.m. till 2 p.m.

* Case 7: Food and measurements

[PM = Paula Minelli; T = Mrs.Taylor]

PM: Mrs. Taylor, hello. Would you like to get some help with your meal today?

T: Yes, please. My hands are shaking and I don't want to spill anything, if possible.

PM: Let me just wash my hands and find an apron. OK, ready. Do you like a straw for your orange juice?

T: Please.

PM: There you go. It's OK, take your time, Mrs. Taylor.

T: I'm sorry; I'm just not very hungry.

PM: You're doing well. How about some more orange juice?

T: I think that's all I can drink, thanks.

PM: You're having the chicken and vegetables - it smells really good. How much can you eat today?

T: A little. Maybe half of it.

PM: That's good. Would you like some help with your vegetables? I can cut them up for you.

T: Thanks, but you know, I don't think I really want any.

PM: Can you just try a little?

T: OK, just a little bit. PM: That's good.

T: I really can't eat any more.

PM: Just one more potato?

* Case 8: The body and movement

[N= Nurse; D=Mr. Dubois]

N: OK, Mr. Dubois, it's important to do these exercises every day to help you.

D: All right; you're the boss. Can I stay in bed?

N: Yes, sir. It's important that you are comfortable. Let's start with your feet. Now keep your heels on the bed and push your toes to the end of the bed.

D: Like this? N: Yes, that's right. Push your left foot, then your right foot. Good. Now try and rotate your foot in a circle.

D: That's easy. No problem.

N: That's good because this exercise is really important. Can we try your legs now?

D: Oh that will hurt.

N: Well, you are taking pain medication, so it might not hurt too much.

D: OK...

N: Now lift your right leg. Bend your knee just a little. Now move your leg to the side of the bed. That's right. Let's do that again ten times.

D: Ten!

N: Yes, ten. Let's count together. One, two, three, four ... You're doing really well.

* Case 9: The hospital team

[S= Sam; G= Glenda)

S: Good afternoon, East Ward. Staff Nurse Sam Turner is speaking. Can I help you?

G: Hello, Sam. This is Glenda Davies from Pathology. Can I speak to Nurse Wright, please?

S: I'm sorry, she's on her lunch break at the moment. Can I take a message for her?

G: Yes, please. Can you ask her to call me back? I have Ms. Shapiro's test results.

S: Yes, of course. What's your number?

G: It's extension 8391.

S: OK, so if I can just check the message: that's Nurse Wright to call Glenda ... I'm sorry can you repeat your family name, please?

G: Davies. D-A-V-I-E-S.

S: Nurse Wright to call Glenda Davies in Pathology about Ms. Shapiro's test results on extension 8391.

G: That's right. Thanks very much for your help. Goodbye.

S: Bye.

* Case 10: Night shift

[N= Nurse; P= Paul]

N: What seem to be a trouble?

P: I don’t feel very good.

N: What is wrong?

P: My stomach hurts.

N: Your stomach hurts? Anything else?

P: Well, I have a diarrhea.

N: Uhm, your stomach hurts and you have a diarrhea. What do you have for lunch?

P: Sea food and salad.

N: Do you want any medicine?

P: I think some medicines might help me.

N: I will give you this pill. If you not feel better tomorrow, please come again.

P: Okay. If I do not feel better tomorrow, then I’ll come back again. Thank you!

N: Your’re welcome.